black lives matter

Black Lives Matter

I am so sad by some of the World and it’s ways

I am sad that in these so called, accept all, days

People are still being judged and in fear for their kin

Simply for one reason… the colour of their skin

I don’t like confrontation and I don’t often speak out

But I can’t sit back silently, that I know without doubt

I need you to know that Black lives DO matter!

And that racism is real and not carefree banter

Saying Black lives matter doesn’t mean other lives don’t

It’s simply saying that racist behaviour can’t be condoned

Why should it matter if we’re black, brown or white

Why would anyone think this is a reason to fight?

Why do people think they are better than another?

Why can’t we love everyone as if they’re our brother?

I’m fearful for my children and for their adult futures

Will they find themselves judged by mainly their features?

Will they have to work harder than all their white friends?

Or will society make changes to allow us to all blend?

Why should skin colour make you stand out from the rest?

Why should your skin colour mean you’re put to the test?

My family are a mixture of white, brown and black

Im thankful for them all as love isn’t something I lack

We are all one, even with our different skin shades

As this is plain and simply the way that we were made!

Please remember to stop and think before you judge others

And how you might feel, should it be your Sister or brother

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and in a respectful way

This is what “Black lives matter” means at the end of the day!

black lives matter

Written by Mandy-May Blackburn


Hi, my name's Andrew. I firmly believe that life is meant to be easy and effortless, no matter who you are. I used to think that the only way to be successful was to work very hard. It's taken years to beat that kind of thinking out of me. I've spent decades in an industry I never wanted to be in, only to find myself a little further forward whilst knowing that I could be doing so much better. I'm an entrepreneur at heart, creative, very motivated and I'm taking this forced break from the normal day to day stuff to do something I actually enjoy.

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